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"Crafting Brilliance in Every Melt Minetta Wax"

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Welcome to Minetta Wax Co NYC, where candles and heritage blend seamlessly. With a warm embrace, we invite you to experience the magic our founder, Anthony Lawson, has infused into every candle. From our family to yours, our candles bring comfort, joy, and a touch of history. Discover the captivating glow that illuminates your space and let Minetta Wax Co NYC transform your moments into cherished memories. Join us as we celebrate our heritage and create a welcoming ambiance that feels like home.                                                  


More About Us

To shed light upon the history of Minetta Lane and to pay homage to Lawson’s own heritage, the candle business was born. Each candle is hand-poured in New York City, and the scents take their names from Anthony’s own Great Aunts in Mississippi: Vignetta (Sandalwood), Lily Bee (Black Currant), Rosie Mae (Oud Wood), Girtrude (Vetiver), and Ruth Pearl (Fig). Through referencing his own personal history, Lawson makes a subtle nod to a future of unity through aesthetics and sensations of the candle. The line of artisan candles are a beautiful addition to any home; with a thoughtfully curated exterior and incredible scent permeation. The candles themselves are 9oz, and are made of 100% all natural soy wax. Each candle made by the emerging Black artist will fill any space with personality, history, and a beautiful touch of light.

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9 0z ruth pearl candle (fig)

9 oz Girtrude Candle (vetiver)

9 oz Vinetta candle (Sandalwood)

9 oz Lily Bee candle(Black currant)

9 oz Rosie Mae candle(oud wood)

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